Our service portfolio combines traditional business services with knowledge-based services to provide our clients with the right tools to face market competition. We provide integrated solutions that help our clients recognize value quickly by reducing costs and improving business agility. We provide services in the following areas:

Koreth Consulting has a special niche in helping companies in the CSR domain with the following


Facilitating project funding for non-profit Organisations / Societies / Trusts * (Please see the attached format)

• Developing CSR strategy through participatory processes involving all stakeholders;

• Designing CSR projects for sustainability;

• Conducting community survey research (both quantitative and qualitative) for understanding community informal leadership and community needs / priorities;

• Developing sustainable partnerships, and "win-win" relationships between communities and corporates;

• Training and development of NGOs for effective collaboration with corporates;

• Training and development of corporate CSR personal for working with community leadership on social, environment, educational, socio-economic and sustainable CSR projects;

• Helping corporates evolve from stage-1 (charity / philanthropy) to stage-5 (sustainable partnership with communities) in CSR projects;

• Special services for CSR :

• NGO ratings

• Providing field-tested, ready projects for corporates to consider for CSR

• Monitoring and evaluation of the activities, outcomes and impact of their CSR project in the community;

• Building templates and matrices for specific project monitoring & evaluation.


*If interested, please send your organisation details as per the Application Form (Download)