1. Psychometrics - we use a Harvard process to accurately and reliably measure the 4 fundamental inner "drives" of senior and middle executives – we use these measurements to accurately predict their performance, results, and behaviour in future.
  2. In Business & HR Consulting, we use the globally proven Harvard process of experiential training to get senior and middle executives (including CEOs) to increase and strengthen their inner "Achievement Drive" to produce better measurable results continuously.
  3. For Leadership Profile Testing, we use Dr. Reddin's 3-Dimentional MSDT instrument. This provides scores on 4 effective leadership styles and 4 ineffective leadership styles (based on: concern for tasks; concern for relationships, concern for results.)
  4. For improving performance, since "optimism – pessimism" (at the subconscious level) are critical factors even for executives with otherwise very good qualifications and experience, we use Dr. Seligman's Instrument not only for testing, but also for training in developing optimism in the face of difficult external and internal situations.
  5. Dr. Kiron Wadhera is also a trained and certified MBTI assessor, based on the Myers-Briggs Model of Dr. Carl Jung.
  6. For more accurate selection/recruitment at the junior and middle levels, we have found the Gordon's Personality Profile extremely useful in situations where you have several candidates, since it helps to identify and weed-out those who are low on : taking responsibility, emotional stability, problem-solving, vigor, etc.
  7. We have also found that Dr. Belbin's "Team Role Analysis" is extremely useful for improving the team composition, and team functioning in terms of achieving better results.
  8. In the past, we have handled senior level & mid-level recruitments, and now focus more on helping companies perform better through specific training, coaching, mentoring for :


- Board-level Directors


- Division Presidents

- Product-Group Heads

- General Managers