USP : Stimulating faster growth in your business, company, and profitability.

Koreth Consulting helps :

  1. Companies achieve better rates of growth in business/market terms – we use proven global processes for achieving this, as we work closely with the MD/CEO/Top Team/Division/Location Heads/HoDs/Function Heads.
  2. Designing and facilitating companies and organisations in future strategic planning.
  3. Reduce costs for companies – we work closely with the CEO, Top Team, and HoDs to achieve reduction of total costs by 4% to 7.5% in the first 6 – 8 months.
  4. The Sales Force and Marketing Team increase their revenues and market share.
  5. For each of the above we help the company estimate the potential – whether for growth rate, cost-reduction, revenue increase, and market-share.
  6. We Mentor/Coach the MD/CEO and senior members of the Top-Team for a) performance, b) leadership effectiveness, c) team-building, d) personal growth.
  7. Business Turnaround: Transformation from loss to profit.
  8. Total Transformation of the company to create and sustain a "high-performance culture" and an "innovation-culture". To help achieve and sustain this, we work with :
    • a) The Top Team;
    • b) HoDs
    • c) Cross-section of all levels of the organisation from Supervisor to MD/CEO;
    • d) Cross-section of all locations.
  9. a) Scientific Salary Gradation & Responsibility Assessment.
    b) Linking & Positioning Salaries with relevant job-Markets.

  10. a) Customer Satisfaction Surveys : Qualitative & Quantitative.
    b) Organization Morale & Culture Surveys.

Accurately Predicting Future Performance of Senior Executives : For recruitment of senior executives, we contribute a Harvard based, very reliable and accurate assessment of the executives “motivation – profile” and “leadership profile”, which can help predict their future performance The test takes 30 min. each, and we score it in 30 min. and give you the results by e-mail. (Also see the Page : Psychometric Profiling for results).

Organization change management: We help our clients to implement broader thinking about culture and social identity into organizational strategy development.
Future Search Workshop: Since 1983, Koreth Consulting has been involved in “Future Search” Workshops, designed to help businesses, organizations and communities to build their “preferred future”.
Multi-stakeholder Large Group Program Design: Koreth Consulting helps in building “ownership”, and in generating solutions to critical current business and social issues.
• Improving measurable results/impacts/outcomes: Every organisation is set-up to achieve some verifiable results – we help organisations measure, track, and improve results, as well as achieve breakthroughs.
• Measuring and Strengthening relevant motivational "drivers" (especially "achievement – drive" and "positive power drivers" for institution-building.
• CSR: With the New Companies Act, 2013, that makes it mandatory for companies to spend 2% of there average net profits on CSR activities, we help companies evolve and upgrade CSR projects from “charity” to “sustainable” partnerships, which can be a “win-win” for both business and community we also provide CSR consulting services on:

  1. CSR Strategy Planning;
  2. CSR Community Survey Research;
  3. CSR Project planning;
  4. CSR Training for project staff and community workers/members;
  5. CSR Monitoring & Evaluation. (Also see the Page : CSR)
• PoSH:“Prevention of Sexual Harassment” at the Workplace : The Act & Rules have made it mandatory for companies to have specialists design & conduct “Sensitisation Workshops” for all levels of management, supervision, and employees (even in all – male organisations).

Managerial Responsibility Assessment Market Salary Survey Scientific Salary Gradation

Manufacturing Efficiency Improvement – Both for Chemical Engineering and Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

Project Management through PERT/ CPM

Quality Improvement Techniques