At Koreth Consulting, we strongly believe that every project is a “Socio-technical” project, with social, cultural and behavioral dimensions intertwined with technical and managerial components. We have studied how development projects take a strictly technical approach to health, education, infrastructure, and public administration, failing to address the social behavioral and cultural realities that shape our everyday life. We recognize and work with our clients in understanding the social construction of our human-induced natural world. We bring multi-disciplinary managerial and business expertise together with technical knowhow to address the economic, social, cultural and behavioral constraints to development, and jointly find solutions and breakthroughs.


Koreth Consulting has pioneered in researching and implementing several global best-practices and proven-models for practical application in Indian contexts. We have achieved breakthroughs in our client performances and results with these exciting methodologies. At Koreth Consulting, our approach is essentially client-centered and participatory in nature. We specialize in capacity-building and developing internal resources, systems, and cultures, appropriate to our client-organizations’ strategies and objectives. We provide services to a wide range of organizations like business establishments, government sectors, non-profit organizations, and international development organizations. Started in 1997, Koreth Consulting focusses on participatory multi-stakeholder change-management, future search, employee motivation enhancement, and organization development, along with measurable results and verifiable outcomes/impacts.








“Koreth Consulting” helps Companies :


1. To achieve better rates of growth in business/market terms – we use proven global processes for achieving this, as we work closely with the MD/CEO/Top Team/Division/Location Heads/HoDs/Function Heads.


2. Reduce costs for companies – we work closely with the CEO, Top Team, and HoDs to achieve reduction of total costs by 4% to 7.5% in the first 6 – 8 months.


3. Psychometric Testing.


4. We help the Sales Force and Marketing Team increase their revenues and market share.


5. For each of the above we help the company estimate the potential – whether for growth rate, cost-reduction, revenue increase, and market-share.


6. We Mentor/Coach the MD/CEO and Senior members of the Top-Team for a) performance, b) leadership effectiveness, c) team-building, d) personal growth, e) stress reduction.


7. Business Turnaround : Transformation from loss to profit of a Division or Company, with a prior Assessment of Feasibility of Turn-Around.


8. Total Transformation of the company to create and sustain a “high-performance culture” and an “innovation-culture”. To help achieve and sustain this, we work with 250-400 people “under the same roof”, including:


- CEO + Top Team;
- HoDs;
- Cross-section of all levels of the organisation from Supervisor to MD/CEO;
- Cross-section participants of all locations / units / departments.

- “External” stakeholders where appropriate (Distributors, Dealers, Customers, Suppliers, etc.)


9. “Future-Search” Workshops : to transform the “future of the business” for rapid growth, market share increase, & intra-preneurial culture (60-90 participants representing all stake-holders).


10. Reliable predictions of future performance of senior and middle executives through proven Harvard-based instruments processes which measure and strengthen:


      • ‘ - Motivation-Drive’ profile;
      • - Achievement-Drive Enhancement;

      - Leadership effectiveness – these are extremely useful for promotion decisions, and recruitment decisions (over 50% of executives who are usually carefully selected and promoted based on their knowledge/ qualification/skills and past performance, do not perform excellently or as expected in the positions of higher responsibility). Also executives who are hired from other organizations, with a different culture, often fail in the new company despite excellent qualifications and interview performance. We help companies increase the success rates of promotion decisions and selection/appointment/transfer decisions, by measuring their basic “drive” accurately.


11. Balance Scorecard – A Harvard based method of strategic planning and management system.


12. Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving methods and techniques.


13. Optimism-pessimism profile of the organisation and its impact on performance and results.


14. Scientific Salary Gradation: Based on scientific assessment of responsibility-levels, in managerial/executive/supervisory positions, as well as sectoral salary- market-analysis, the compensation packages are re-designed to achieve: a) talent retention, b) work-motivation, c) sense of equity and fairness, and d) being competitive with the market (through “External Salary Survey”).


15. Communication Skills” including Interpersonal, Group, Mass Communication, Oral as well as Written.


16. PoSH: “Prevention of Sexual Harassment” at the Workplace : The Act & Rules have made it mandatory for companies to have specialists design & conduct “Sensitisation Workshops” for all levels of management, supervision, and employees (even in all – male organisations).